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We absolutely loved having DK as our DJ! He was professional, diligent, and so great about keeping us on track as we planned out wedding. The day of the wedding he was such a factor in making our day flow smoothly. We enjoyed every minute, and so did our guests!


Event Date: Saturday, September 8, 2018
Event Location: Rockcreek gardens
Event Type: Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Event Staff: D.K. Erickson


Responsiveness of DJ prior to event: Excellent
Quality of DJ Service at Event: Excellent
Friendliness of DJ: Excellent
Promptness of DJ: Excellent
Professionalism of DJ: Excellent
DJs Appearance: Excellent
DJ System Appearance: Excellent
DJ Sound Quality: Excellent
Volume Levels: Excellent
Music Selection: Excellent
Incorporation of Your Requests: Excellent
DJs Planning Assistance: Excellent
DJ Lighting Effects: Excellent
DJs Cooperation with Other Vendors: Excellent
DJs Overall Performance: Excellent


The price tag is one of the biggest factors in choosing what wedding DJ or band to choose, but it’s not as simple as just asking for a price. Professional Seattle area Wedding DJ’s from PRO DJs offers highly-personalized service to help couples create unique, unforgettable weddings and receptions. To help you best understand how much a wedding DJ should cost, here are some things you need to know before seeing the price tag.


1. Consider how many people will be attending your wedding @ Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup.


2. How many areas will you need sound coverage for your wedding guests @ Rock Creek Gardens. Will it be just under the reception tent? Will you also need sound for your ceremony on the upper lawn? How about sound for cocktails up by the house?


3. Will your Wedding DJ @ Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, WA only need one microphone for your ceremony or will you need additional microphones to capture multiple live sources? You also can choose if you would like a handheld mic and/or a lapel mic and/or a headset.


4. What about lighting in or under the wedding reception tent @ Rock Creek Gardens? Do you need any? There are many types of lights to choose from. Here @ PRO DJs from Seattle we offer anything from standard disco lights for the dance area, uplighting which also can be used to add color to the tent canopy, personalized monograms, generic gobo’s, lasers, black lights, fog machines, bubble machines and more.


5. Do you plan to sing with your friends and family @ Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup? Seattle based PRO DJs offers karaoke that can add an extra element of fun for your wedding.


As you can see the scope can vary greatly as no two events and DJ services are alike. A professional wedding DJ company such as PRO DJs in Seattle will learn as much as possible about your wedding @ the Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, Washington. The more we know about your wedding and reception needs, the better we can tailor our services to your specific needs and offer detailed wedding service pricing.


In addition to the logistics providing high-quality Wedding DJ, Emcee, sound, lighting, karaoke, and Photo Booth services in Puyallup at Rock Creek Gardens, PRO DJs always keeps your dance floor packed all night with our years of experience reading and working a crowd. Not only we know what to play, our PRO DJs Wedding Emcee’s know what to say. Timing and flow of your wedding are just as important as the music. We will discuss all the logistics with you prior to your wedding to come up with a timeline of events to make sure you still have time to mingle with loved ones while they are not bored waiting around for the next thing to take place at your wedding.


Every wedding crowd is unique. Some older, others younger, others mixed. Sometimes there are more married people, other times more singles. Sometimes you have a lot of kids attending a wedding while other times no kids will be there at all. PRO DJs also DJ’s a lot of mixed weddings from different cultures. Just these reasons alone will present a variety of wedding music tastes. We always encourage your wedding guests to give requests to help give the DJ additional insight into what typically works at a wedding. Not one single playlist will always work, if it did DJs would be out of business. The DJ @ your wedding taking place at Rock Creek Gardens has refined their art and skills of reading a crowd. The mood and tempo of your crowd will vary like a living, breathing form of its own. It’s up to the Wedding DJ read those cues knowing what songs to play in what order and what tempo to keep things at.


PRO DJs offers seasoned wedding DJ’s, KJ’s, Emcee’s, and Sound Engineers for every event you can dream up. Hire a wedding DJ to make your wedding reception one for the ages. PRO DJs offers multiple Wedding DJs to choose from or we can match you with one of our Professional Wedding DJs based on their experience at Rock Creek Gardens and your wedding ceremony and reception needs at such a beautiful venue in Puyallup, WA.


If you are looking to hire a mobile DJ for your next event, think PRO DJs. Start your Mobile DJ search today with us. We have over 300 reviews of The Perfect Wedding DJs “Another successful party with the help of The perfect Wedding DJ’s offered from PRO DJs in Seattle.”


We can share a definitive list of wedding songs your DJ can play with our most requested Wedding Selections. These songs along with your personalized music style will surely pack your wedding reception dance floor all night with our award-winning, fun Puyallup Wedding DJs.


We are where most everyone goes when looking for mobile DJs.


Why do DJ costs vary so much?

There are a lot of factors as to why one DJ will cost differently than another. You can put them into the following primary categories.

  • 1. Experience
  • 2. Overhead
  • 3. Professional vs. Part-time vs. Hobbyist
  • 4. The Nature of the Business

When I first started out DJ’ing I of coarse undercut any other DJ locally. How else would I be able to break into the market and begin to build my references? The trade off of coarse is that I was green and still learning. I also was living at home with my parents so I didn’t need to make a ton of money. Eventually though after years of polishing my skills and learning from my mistakes I slowly began to raise my rates. Now with close to 1,000 weddings under my belt, years of experience and many enthusiastically satisfied clients I am confident in the services I provide and know without a doubt that I will do a fantastic job for any wedding client. If I wasn’t so sure of my services I would not charge as much as I do today. Why else would a true professional continue to be a mobile DJ if he or she would not be able to raise his or her rates from when they first started? There would be no money and incentive for that DJ to continue so longevity as a mobile DJ would be extremely hard to come by.
This also plays a big part into what a DJ charges. As I mentioned above I used to live with my parents so my overhead was lower than it is today. I also didn’t have a web site, my equipment was lower grade, I didn’t have a toll free #, I didn’t have liability insurance, I didn’t invest in back-up equipment, I didn’t have a dedicated van for my business, I didn’t have a business license, I had another part-time job and so on. Now that I have been doing this for over 20 years I have made this a full time career and invested in everything I should have when I first started out. With true professionalism comes costs. My overhead is now greater with the costs of more professional equipment, business licensing, B&O taxes, music royalty fees, replacing/repairing equipment, insurance costs, web site development, toll free charges and more. If I did not invest in these things I would not be found for people to hire me or people would not want to hire me after they found me.
This makes up another good portion of why some DJs cost less than others. As I mentioned in the EXPERIENCE category of this article I used to charge a lot less when I first started than I do now as a true professional. Most DJs you find will probably fall into the part-time category. By the nature of this business over 90% of the work a DJ receives is on the weekend making it easy for someone to hold a weekday job Monday – Friday and still be available part-time for Saturday and Sunday gigs. This also means they don’t need to charge as much since this is not their only source of income. However part-time DJs usually don’t offer as many of the reassurances and are not able to perform as many events per year as a full-time DJ. The flip side for a full time DJ however is that we only have a limited number of days each week to perform and to make a living. How many weddings have you been to on a Tuesday? In addition, out of that 90% of the work we receive on the weekend, over 65% of that is for Saturday alone. This is why you will notice prices highest on Saturday. Most people and their friends and family have a regular weekday job so Saturday’s make the most sense to hold a party. This way they are not tired from working all day Friday and can stay up later since they don’t have to go to bed earlier on Sunday. Hobbyist DJs typically charge the least but they also tend to perform less events per year than any other DJ and don’t typically offer any (if at all) reassurances such as a back-up DJ, liability insurance, web site, back-up equipment, etc.
By the nature of this business over 90% of the work a DJ receives is on the weekend and over 65% of that is for Saturday alone. This is why you will notice prices highest on Saturday. Most people and their friends and family have a regular weekday job so Saturday’s make the most sense to hold a party. This way they are not tired from working all day Friday and can stay up later since they don’t have to go to bed earlier on Sunday. How many weddings have you been to on a Tuesday?
Not all DJs are created equal and shopping around for a DJ should never be based on price alone. With just price you are never comparing apples to apples. As the old saying goes, it’s not a great deal if it’s not a great service. Spend a little extra time and do some research, it will pay off for you in the end.

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